Cluster Bomb Manufacturers

several people have asked whether Raytheon actually manufactures cluster bombs.

In discussing these it is necessary to distinguish between individual “bomblets” and delivery systems – the cluster bombs or missile wareheads. Different contractors manufacture bomblets and delivery systems.

Here are some descriptions of cluster bombs:

I took as my starting point for investigating Raytheon’s involvement with cluster bombs this Indymedia article

The article identified Raytheon Tamahawk and the JSOW AGM-154 missile as delivery vehicles for the BLU/97B bomblet.

The BLU/97B is a bomblet hundreds of which are packed together to create a cluster bomb.

Description of bomblet is at

It is manufactured by Alliant Techsystems.
The evidence for this is here (see half way down page, find on page: BLU 97/B)
also see here (just over half way down page, find in page: Alliant Techsystems).

The BLU/97B is used as payload in the following cluster bombs and guided missiles

I think this shows conclusively that Raytheon manufactures missiles with cluster bomb warheads which deploy the BLU/97B bomblet.


Source: This World Is Not For Sale


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