Thousands demonstrate against U.S. drone strikes

These thousands of protestors do not hate us “because we are free; they hate us because we are killing their kids, wives, brothers, cousins, and friends; they hate us because we are putting absolutely no pressure on the Pakistani government to deal with the fundamental core problems that country is facing.

These include massive corruption, a failing infrastructure, lack of education, and lack of meaningful work. To those with nothing left to lose, insurgency can appear attractive.

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Defense Contractor Money Fueling Push to Militarize the US-Mexico Border

After months of prodding from anti-immigration politicians, the entire US-Mexico border is now being watched by the Predator B unmanned surveillance aircraft commonly known as Predator drones. The news may comfort residents of border states where the details of Mexico’s brutal drug war continue to make headlines, but here’s some more comforting news: violent crime in US border states has decreased during the past decade, and some big border cities are the safest in the nation.

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